History of Technology Networks & Systems — Passionate About Technology from the Beginning

We started Technology Networks & Systems twenty years ago as massive changes in communications and the internet were just hitting the mainstream. For years before that, we were already working in the technology field and gaining valuable knowledge and experience that would serve us well once we embarked on setting up commercial communications and providing internet services and telephone services. Our understanding of communication networks kept us at the crest of this innovative technology. Today, we have the capabilities and expertise to set up the most sophisticated and challenging systems for your company or business.


To provide businesses with the fastest, most reliable, and efficient service in technology systems, communication, security, and networks.


Become El Paso’s go-to communications experts for setting up affordable and state-of-the-art networks and systems.

The TNS Promise — Experts of Internet Services, Telephone Services, and IT

Our technicians are experts in their work but if there is a problem with a system we set up, we are only a phone call away. As technology experts, we can fix, maintain, and install the most complex and challenging systems for your company’s needs.

About the TNS Team — A Cohesive Force of Technology Expertise

We like to think of our techs as our technology army. So much of our team has been there from the start of the company and just as technology has changed, our techs have been at the forefront of these changes. They have all worked together and have been part of our company mission since day one. As a cohesive team, we know how to get the job done and even in the most challenging of networks or systems, we work together to achieve optimum results.

What Sets TNS Apart From the Competition?

Experience. Expertise. Expediency. In a nutshell, TNS works quickly and effectively to solve any issues. At the same time, we perform sophisticated installations, ensuring that there are no glitches or mistakes that might cause trouble down the road. When we install a system for you, we take care of all the aspects of the job. You don’t need to hire a separate IT department or a separate company for your telephone communications. We perform all the necessary checks and installations. We offer a wide breadth of services from on-demand IT services, network set up, network security, dedicated fiber internet, and satellite internet to networks including fiber optics, CAT 6 cables, and, of course, our voice services including hosted PBX, Legacy PBX and more.

Certified Technicians and Twenty Years of Experience Under Our Belt

Since our company’s inception, we have always sought out the best techs and ensured they complete rigorous training and certifications. All of our technicians are certified in some of today’s most popular systems like Cisco and more.

Give Us a Call to Install Your Commercial Communication System

Have questions on what internet service you need? Need some pointers as to what network will benefit you most? We are here to answer your questions and get to work. Call us at 915-581-7242.

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