Setting Up Reliable Networks for Businesses in the El Paso Area

Here at Technology Network & Systems, we specialize in setting up reliable networks for commercial communications. Whether you are a restaurant that needs to set up computers, an office with high-speed internet needs, or a large company looking to install a network that spans your office and warehouse, a lot of your day to day operations might depend on the computer networks you set up. Setting up a proper network also requires some organization and protection of the actual hardware like fiber optic cables or others. We want to ensure that you have optimum connectivity, your network is secure, reliable, and effective. It’s why we offer a wide breadth of services and cover all your technology needs.

networks set up with fiber optic cables

An Overview of the Network Hardware Options We Offer

Fiber Optic Cables

These thin cables consist of one or more strands of glass and allow for the quick passage of data traffic. We offer a multitude of fiber optic cabling solutions to advance the efficiency of your layer one infrastructure.

CAT6 Cables

These are the standardized cables for Ethernet and other networks. Quality Cat 6 cables meet strict requirements and specifications for crosstalk and system noise. Our wide variety of high-quality CAT6 options are in stock and ready to ship.

Reduced Diameter CAT6 Cables

These cables serve a similar purpose as their regular-sized brethren but our mini CAT6 cables facilitate easier cable management, reduce congestion, and allow for greater flexibility.

Fiber Enclosures

These enclosures are designed to organize fiber distribution and ensure network reliability by housing, managing, and protecting the fiber optic cable.

Patch Panels

Separate and organize your incoming and outgoing lines. Our modular patch panels are the ideal way to create a standard-based, flexible, and reliable cabling platform in your data center.

Cabinets & Racks

Housing your hardware is just as important as housing your cables. You want options that will make your job easier and can accommodate any configuration you design.

Contact TNS For All Your Network Needs

Here at Technology Network & Systems, we can not only help you set up your network, but we also provide the materials needed to organize and house your cables and important hardware. Keeping your cables and hardware organized will make maintenance and troubleshooting easier and ensure an efficient and effective network function. Call us at 581-7242 for more information about what we offer and how we can improve your commercial communications system.

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