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Satellite Internet in El Paso

When it comes to satellite internet, Technology Networks & Systems is the best and top provider in the El Paso area. Our highly reviewed and certified techs are masters of technology. We specialize in providing your business with high-speed internet, equipment installations, network functionality, security, and more. Commercial communication is key when it comes to keeping your business running smoothly and without glitches. Check out our ratings and reviews to find out how we can help your company. 

Satellite Internet in el paso

Get Online Through Satellite Internet

So much of our world today revolves around connections. There are several ways to find a connection to online networks. Satellite internet works a little differently, as it bounces signals from—you guessed it— satellites orbiting in space. First, your computer sends signal requests through the modem to your satellite dish and then up to a provider’s satellite, which sends a signal to the provider. It is then that the provider transmits the signal back to the satellite, then your dish, your modem, and back to your computer or device. This type of connection has served many types of commercial businesses well, as their communication needs might require a different type of reliability and signal. 

Thanks to satellites, many more remote locations can hook up onto the internet without having to lay down expensive miles of fiber optic cable. With businesses that have offshore locations and headquarters elsewhere, it has provided an essential communications line. In essence, satellite internet began as a way to close the gap between people and places that could not easily access the networks. Today, many others have joined in on the satellite bandwagon, as it does offer some particular benefits that might stand out for people depending on their needs. The satellite functions as a central office, and that’s where everything must first go through and this provides a certain amount of reliability and mobility. 

Satellite internet can be very beneficial to those that may have had trouble finding a stable connection. Some advantages of this internet service include:

High speed

If you’re looking for reliable and high-speed internet, satellite internet can provide users with high Mbps. The speed of satellite internet can often far exceed the other options.


The cost of this service will vary depending on some factors but it is certainly a lot less costly, especially in some cases.


Satellite internet can offer high bandwidth. Sometimes the terrestrial options might be able to offer more given that a satellite might not be designed for this purpose.


There is a far reduced chance for the interruption and far fewer network outages because you depend on a satellite that is consistently orbiting.

Instant connection

You can potentially be set up and ready to go online in less than ten minutes.

A mobile solution

Internet through a satellite allows you to take it with you. Because it is hooked up to the satellite, as long as the VSAT dish has a clear path, you can connect from anywhere.

The Satellite Difference — How Technology Networks & Systems Can Help

Before you decide on satellite internet, there are a few things to consider. Here at TNS, we can help you assess the type of internet service that best fits your needs and install the one that would be most beneficial to you given your location, size, or particular circumstances. Our technology experts can help you look at your options and ensure the best one for optimum connectivity.

Call the Technology Experts and Connect Via Satellite

If you’re looking into satellite internet or wondering whether it might be a good option for your business, give us a call. We can help assess the speeds and rates and help you with the installation and connection. Call us at 915-581-7242.

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