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Network Security in El Paso

Technology Network & Systems features the top-rated network security and best commercial communications system installations in El Paso. Our local technicians have highly reviewed services. With the most sophisticated equipment and technicians, we provide a variety of services from high-speed internet to on-demand IT services, to network security.  Check out our reviews and high ratings to find out more about what we do.

network security in el paso texas

Keep Your Company’s Network Safe with Technology Network & Systems

For a lot of companies, their network security is not something they consider regularly until something happens or a threat is spotted. Many times, it is already too late. Thinking about your security after it has gone down, didn’t exactly do the preventative work that good security is meant to do. It’s like thinking about home security after you have had a break-in. A loss has already been experienced and you’ve likely suffered some property loss or revenue. The goal of network security is to prevent breaches before they happen and stop them from doing harm to your system’s computer or data. After all, your company network and system likely hold important information, intellectual property, and even customer data. 

Threats to your IT infrastructure can come from external threats or internal issues or system vulnerabilities. Our security services look at your entire network system, address, and identify common issues. 

As network security specialists, our objective is to prevent breakthroughs, breaches, or shutdowns. Here at TNS, we specialize in setting up network security to ensure that your data and information are safe from cyberattacks and other threats. 

According to some reports, between 2016 and 2017 the United States saw approximately 1, 579 reported data breaches. That was a 44 percent uptick from the previous year. 

We employ the latest protocols, expertise, procedures, and software knowledge and understanding to set up robust network security for your business. Managing a secure network requires experience. It takes understanding and the right tools. TNS will ensure your network is up and running, secure, and safe from cyberattacks and threats. 

Tech Support For Security Services

Managing a secure network takes constant monitoring and updating. TNS is ready to make sure that your network is protected and always running efficiently without any breaches or threats. Some of the services we perform might include:

  • Setting up network security systems 
  • Administering, troubleshooting, and managing hardware or software
  • Evaluating problems and monitoring networks
  • Setting up cybersecurity measures to protect your data
  • Performing vulnerability tests and analysis to assess your system’s risk level

The Importance of Network Security for Commercial Businesses

Our modern world relies on technology. Most businesses today operate on some kind of network, system, software, or cloud technology. Having these systems hacked can put you out of business, cause the loss of data, and force you into the uncomfortable position of informing your customers or clients that their data might have been compromised. 

Faulty networks can also compromise your intellectual property and give unauthorized access to hackers looking to steal valuable information from your company. Consequences of having your system compromise can include a loss of property, revenue loss, crashes, a blow to your reputation and reputability and more.

Don’t Risk Your Investment and Secure Your Network with TNS

Technology Network & Systems can set up and monitor your network to ensure that your information, software, and intellectual property is always safe from hackers or external threats. Call us at 915-581-7242 and make sure your system is protected.

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