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Technology Networks & Systems is El Paso’s leading VOIP provider and technology experts. Today, most of us depend on the internet for a great many functions. We use it for recreation, education, communication, and the day to day operation of our company and business. It’s how we conduct research, how we communicate, receive payments, and how we stay connected. The truth is, even if you have never heard of VOIP, you’ve likely used it. If you’ve ever used Facetime, Skype, Google Voice, Duo, etc. Technology and the internet have allowed for many more options when it comes to commercial communications systems. One of these exciting options is the Voice Over Internet Protocol (VOIP) systems available to companies and businesses.  TNS works with major companies such as Yealink, to provide state-of-the-art VOIP systems.

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What Is VOIP and How Can It Benefit My Business?

VOIP systems are slowly but surely replacing the analog Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN) that has carried phone calls since phone calls were a thing. When it comes to commercial use, VOIP has several benefits for companies that are looking to save money and eliminate clunky equipment or hardware. 

In a nutshell, VOIP converts a voice call into digital information that can be transmitted via the internet. The voice signal is essentially broken up into data, spread over the internet, and put back together once it reaches its destination. This allows for easy access and communication. This also makes it easier for your business to have all of your company communication in one system and use the internet instead of depending on separate phone lines. 

Installing VOIP Systems with TNS means:

  • Calls can be made directly from a computer
  • Calls can be made through a VOIP phone
  • Calls can be made through a standard phone made from a VOIP adapter 
  • You’ll save money on international and long-distance calls 
  • You can connect all of your telephone lines into one system 
  • You provide your customers with call center experience 
  • Work directly with local certified and experienced technicians 

VOIP Systems Maintenance and Upkeep

The great thing about Voice Over Internet Protocol is that it is affordable and does not require a whole lot of maintenance. VOIP Systems are quite intelligent and function entirely online. When you get the service through us, we provide free support and maintenance when needed. Our professional installation and setup will ensure that your company’s lines are ready to go.

Install VOIP Systems and Enhance Your Company’s Communication

TNS specializes in technology and commercial communications systems. One of today’s most popular choices for companies is the VOIP Systems available. Call us today at 915-581-7242 and install the latest communication capabilities at your company. Save money. Save time. Spare yourself the headaches and improve communication.

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